Journal Excerpt: Dwelling in Fear

I could go somewhere else… but I am afraid. I could do more for myself, get out into life again… but I am paralyzed with fears. I know some of what frightens me,… Continue reading

Paper: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder What Happens in the Brain?

This is an excellent paper by Sethanne Howard and Mark W. Crandall, MD, of the US Naval Observatory, retired, Wash. DC, Reisterstown, Maryland. Abstract: This is a brief look at the processes that… Continue reading

PTSD: A Disease of Body and Mind

A good article by Jurriaan Plesman, BA(Psych) Post Grad Dip Clin Nutr from the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia. I will be spending a good bit of time working through the psychobiology of… Continue reading

Article: A Little Alcohol Makes PTSD Worse

Originally posted on counselorssoapbox:
By David Joel Miller. The Alcohol and PTSD connection. Alcohol has some strong effects on people with PTSD and those effects turn out to not be what we expected.…

Food, chemicals and emotional health

Many years ago, during my management consulting days, I worked with several food manufacturers.  It was a high point of my career, giving me the opportunity to travel and providing the mental challenge… Continue reading

Article: Getting Back in Touch for Survivors of Abuse

This is a lovely short article on touch as seen through the eyes of a survivor of incest.  One of the more isolating effects of abuse is touch-aversion, which can reinforce the loneliness… Continue reading

Article: The Body Keeps the Score: Memory and the evolving psychobiology of post traumatic stress

This is an excellent, straight-forward article on PSTD and the psychobiology of memory by Bessel van der Kolk, MD of Harvard Medical School. In my recovery, I have found it necessary to look… Continue reading

Crushes and my Strangeness of Mind as a CSA Victim

Along my journey of recovery from the incestuous abuse of my childhood, I discovered I had a particular strangeness that had been a part of my functioning for decades.  Crushes, hopeless longing for… Continue reading

A changing environment…

It’s amazing to see how openly the subject of childhood sexual abuse is being discussed nowadays.  More importantly, there are organizations around the globe that are exposing abuses, past and present.  Investigations are… Continue reading

Article: Self-Imagination Can Enhance Memory in Healthy and Memory-Impaired Individuals

This is an interesting article from ScienceBlog, a comprehensive collection of scientific findings presented in compelling articles.  Being a bit of a science junkie, I subscribe to their general posts and find something… Continue reading

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