Article: Is Fast Food Making Us Depressed?

This is an outstanding article on BBC which explains the connection between food and mental health in very clear and compelling terms. I have been a long time supporter of nutritional and natural… Continue reading

Article: Changes in DNA Methylation Linked to Traumatic Memories and PTSD

This is an excellent article by James Fink from his blog, Fink Scientifically on the effects of trauma on DNA.

Review of Book 1: Childhood Trauma is a Primer for Complex PTSD

Review by: anonymous on June 22, 2014 : 5 stars This book offers an overview of the impact of childhood trauma and the long term fall out of that. It’s got a strong… Continue reading

Kiddo, the inner child knows all about Complex PTSD

Kiddo, the inner child knows sadness

Thought for the day….

It is impossible to be worried about anything when you are coloring with crayons. A few months ago, my son gave me a coloring book for grown-ups.  He wasn’t sure if I would like… Continue reading

Free Webinar: Flashbacks & the Fight/Flight Response

From Michele Rosenthal on Heal My PTSD: “Flashbacks and the fight/flight/freeze response are two of the most difficult PTSD symptoms to cope with — that’s why we’re devoting an entire FREE 60+ minutes to talking about how and… Continue reading

Marijuana Withdrawal Syndrome

This is a good blog article by Dirk Hanson about the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal syndrome. Anyone who uses marijuana-supported therapy should educate themselves on the effects of stopping the treatment.  It helps… Continue reading

Nearly 1 in 8 American children are maltreated before age 18

By the time they reach age 18, about 12% of American children experience a confirmed case of maltreatment in the form of neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, according to a new study… Continue reading

America’s mental health crisis: a Guardian expose

America’s mental health system is in crisis.   The Guardian has put together a series of articles exposing some of the issues behind treatment of mental illness in the US. Read more:  … Continue reading

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