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Article: Twelve Benefits of Magnesium – The Anti-Stress Mineral

Twelve Benefits of Magnesium The Anti-Stress Mineral By Poliquin Group™ Editorial Staff This important article outlines the benefits of adding magnesium to improve stress management and address many of the symptoms common… Continue reading

Article: Is Fast Food Making Us Depressed?

This is an outstanding article on BBC which explains the connection between food and mental health in very clear and compelling terms. I have been a long time supporter of nutritional and natural… Continue reading

America’s mental health crisis: a Guardian expose

America’s mental health system is in crisis.   The Guardian has put together a series of articles exposing some of the issues behind treatment of mental illness in the US. Read more:  … Continue reading

Journal Excerpt: Taking responsibility for my recovery…

I wrote this during my stay in Hawaii, when I was really immersed in my clumsy recovery.  Trigger warning: this is a fairly sad and hopeless entry.  Coming back to it later and reading… Continue reading

Post-traumatic growth resources

As a follow up to my last post, I wanted to provide some links to research and resources for post-traumatic growth. From the psychology department at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte campus,… Continue reading

The transformational power of trauma

Moving past trauma requires a great deal of personal strength, the investment of time and love… and replenishing those reserves of hope that lie within us all. On my personal journey, I have sought… Continue reading

Book: Solume Solutions for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Book: Solume Solutions for Survivors of Sexual Abuse By Hannah Smith, Nathan Chowilawu-Eshe, Marvin King, Andee Bingham, Susan Carter, Renee Dietz, Bethany Heinesh and Kimberly Callis. No one should ever have to go… Continue reading

Article: Getting Back in Touch for Survivors of Abuse

This is a lovely short article on touch as seen through the eyes of a survivor of incest.  One of the more isolating effects of abuse is touch-aversion, which can reinforce the loneliness… Continue reading

Crushes and my Strangeness of Mind as a CSA Victim

Along my journey of recovery from the incestuous abuse of my childhood, I discovered I had a particular strangeness that had been a part of my functioning for decades.  Crushes, hopeless longing for… Continue reading

Article: Self-Imagination Can Enhance Memory in Healthy and Memory-Impaired Individuals

This is an interesting article from ScienceBlog, a comprehensive collection of scientific findings presented in compelling articles.  Being a bit of a science junkie, I subscribe to their general posts and find something… Continue reading

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