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Another study linking childhood trauma to chronic illness in adults

Childhood Stress May Prime Pump For Chronic Disease Later (via @NewfusionApps #Science News) Advertisements

Gene amplifies impact of traumatic events

Medical News Today: Gene may amplify impact of life events on mental health (via @NewfusionApps #Science News)

Article: Twelve Benefits of Magnesium – The Anti-Stress Mineral

Twelve Benefits of Magnesium The Anti-Stress Mineral By Poliquin Group™ Editorial Staff This important article outlines the benefits of adding magnesium to improve stress management and address many of the symptoms common… Continue reading

Neurotransmitters and your health

Neurotransmitters and your health by Dr. Steve Rosman. Excerpted from the “Institute of Education” section of the NeuroScience website ( Each neurotransmitter can be classified as either excitatory or inhibitory and each has… Continue reading

Complex PTSD and chronic illness

CPTSD associated with Developmental Trauma can have broad systemic impacts on long term health.  Chronic exposure to stress keeps the mind and body on high alert.  Subsequent traumas result in compounded psychological injury… Continue reading

Article: Changes in DNA Methylation Linked to Traumatic Memories and PTSD

This is an excellent article by James Fink from his blog, Fink Scientifically on the effects of trauma on DNA.

Article: Childhood trauma leaves its mark on the brain

Reblogged from ScienceBlog, 15 January 2013 It is well known that violent adults often have a history of childhood psychological trauma. Some of these individuals exhibit very real, physical alterations in a part… Continue reading

Paper: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder What Happens in the Brain?

This is an excellent paper by Sethanne Howard and Mark W. Crandall, MD, of the US Naval Observatory, retired, Wash. DC, Reisterstown, Maryland. Abstract: This is a brief look at the processes that… Continue reading

PTSD: A Disease of Body and Mind

A good article by Jurriaan Plesman, BA(Psych) Post Grad Dip Clin Nutr from the Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia. I will be spending a good bit of time working through the psychobiology of… Continue reading

Food, chemicals and emotional health

Many years ago, during my management consulting days, I worked with several food manufacturers.  It was a high point of my career, giving me the opportunity to travel and providing the mental challenge… Continue reading

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