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Another study linking childhood trauma to chronic illness in adults

Childhood Stress May Prime Pump For Chronic Disease Later (via @NewfusionApps #Science News) Advertisements

Nearly 1 in 8 American children are maltreated before age 18

By the time they reach age 18, about 12% of American children experience a confirmed case of maltreatment in the form of neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, according to a new study… Continue reading

Article: Modern Parenting May Hinder Brain Development

This is an interesting short article from ScienceBlog. This new research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices — the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies — to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood,… Continue reading

Free Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone

June 3: Is Your Attachment Style Shaping Your Life? FREE WEBINAR Presenter: Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. June 3, 2014 – 11am-12pm PST Attachment refers the particular way in which you relate to other people.… Continue reading

Paper: Accumulated Childhood Trauma and Symptom Complexity

I love when I find full scientific papers for free online! The Journal of Traumatic Stress has published a paper entitled, Accumulated Childhood Trauma and Symptom Complexity by John Briere [Department of Psychiatry… Continue reading

Article: Childhood trauma leaves its mark on the brain

Reblogged from ScienceBlog, 15 January 2013 It is well known that violent adults often have a history of childhood psychological trauma. Some of these individuals exhibit very real, physical alterations in a part… Continue reading

Article: Getting Back in Touch for Survivors of Abuse

This is a lovely short article on touch as seen through the eyes of a survivor of incest.  One of the more isolating effects of abuse is touch-aversion, which can reinforce the loneliness… Continue reading

Crushes and my Strangeness of Mind as a CSA Victim

Along my journey of recovery from the incestuous abuse of my childhood, I discovered I had a particular strangeness that had been a part of my functioning for decades.  Crushes, hopeless longing for… Continue reading

A changing environment…

It’s amazing to see how openly the subject of childhood sexual abuse is being discussed nowadays.  More importantly, there are organizations around the globe that are exposing abuses, past and present.  Investigations are… Continue reading

Article: A Developmental Approach to Understanding Complex PTSD

This is a fantastic article by Marylene Cloitre, PhD of the New York University Child Study Center from the the Trauma Stress Points site.  I really enjoyed this writing and found myself and… Continue reading

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