An informed patient’s perspective on Complex PTSD

Stoning Demons is a series of books on complex post-traumatic stress disorder written from the perspective of an informed patient.  The series shares the experiences, insight and resources used over the course of a four-year self-managed recovery program.  You can purchase digital copies here by Paypal or credit card.


Book 1: Childhood Trauma is a Primer for Complex PTSD

Stoning Demons Book 1

Book 1 explains how trauma experienced in childhood can prime a person for development of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder later in life. Exploring developmental psychology can be extremely helpful for understanding the deeper effects of CPTSD. Reading about it helped me as a patient in surprising ways. My recovery has led me to look at childhood and its foundation for development of emotional, relational, self-regulatory and self-image imprints into adulthood in a clearer, less emotional way. It helped me detach a bit from experiencing my pain and move toward understanding it.

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Book 2: Symptoms and Progression of Complex PTSD

Stoning Demons Book 2

Complex PTSD takes a progressive pathology, with symptoms worsening over successive traumatic experiences or during periods of elevated stress. Complex PTSD has its foundation in childhood trauma, impacting our development and undermining our mental and physical health for a lifetime.We tend to ignore the lifelong effects of trauma, with the misconception that children are inherently resilient. Those of us who experienced trauma in childhood know the truth of it. We are changed and shaped by those traumas and the response of others in supporting us through them. As adults, we are not separate from who we were or what we experienced as children. We remember it, if we are battling Complex PTSD, we are reliving it.

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Book 3: Health Effects of Complex PTSD

Stoning Demons Book 3
People with CPTSD experience a variety of psychological problems, such as depression, other anxiety disorders, and drug and alcohol use problems; however, CPTSD can also have an impact on your physical health. In fact, people with CPTSD have been found to be at greater risk for developing physical health problems, including heart disease, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and adrenal issues.

There is a close relationship between exposure to abuse during childhood and several of the leading causes of death in adults. Diseases including heart disease, cancer, lung disease,  and liver disease have been tied to childhood trauma. The findings in many emerging studies suggest that the impact of these adverse childhood experiences on adult health status is cumulative.

As more and more research looks at the effects of abuse, neglect, and maltreatment, findings are showing that noticeable impacts are seen through adulthood, which illustrates the connection between developmental and psychopathological aspects of childhood traumas.  The effects of trauma and stress are cumulative.  When significant secondary traumas occur, the risk of developing CPTSD symptoms increases.

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Book 4: Childhood Sexual Abuse and Complex PTSD

Stoning Demons Book 4 

Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is one of the most heinous abuses a person can suffer. CSA is often experienced with other forms of abuse and neglect, creating an imprint of psychological conditioning, conflict and injury. Many who suffered abuse develop complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

Adversity in childhood is known to have lifelong effects. Abuse disrupts the path of normal development, leading to a wide range of psychological and physical conditions. These conditions can emerge later in life, yet have their origins in the family environment. CSA creates ongoing adversity that begins in childhood and escalates as a consuming, persistent inner conflict that continues to re-traumatize long into adulthood. This leaves the victim vulnerable to increased stress response throughout life and has a direct correlation to quality of life and longevity.

This eBook is focused on CPTSD as it relates to childhood sexual abuse. It looks at the effects of recurrent traumas and chronic stress for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, based on available scientific and medical knowledge.

This writing provides an informal literature review, based on the author’s findings in researching complex post-traumatic stress disorder and childhood sexual abuse. It explores references to the mental and physical health impacts of abuse and the strategies used to cope with and recover from complex post-traumatic stress disorder. References are extended to include endocrine and immune system issues that result from chronic stress; a problem often seen in those with CPTSD.

In this eBook, I will share core research available on complex post-traumatic stress disorder; materials that I have found helpful in better understanding my condition and its origins. Further, I will provide references to methods that can promote beneficial psychological development using reframing techniques, self-therapy, self-care programs and professional therapy to guide recovery and personal growth.

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Book 5 coming soon!

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