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Stoning Demons is a series of books on complex post-traumatic stress disorder written from the perspective of an informed patient.  The series shares the experiences, insight and resources used over the course of a four-year self-managed recovery program.


Book 1: Childhood Trauma is a Primer for Complex PTSD

What is the relationship between childhood trauma and Complex PTSD?  In the first book of the Stoning Demons series, I look at the influence that early trauma, abuse and neglect have on psychological development and attachment.  I use my own experiences and journals to correlate the latest findings of scientific research.

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Book 2: Symptoms and Progression of Complex PTSD

How does Complex PTSD develop? In book 2, I break down the progression of symptoms that ultimately result in Complex PTSD and provide a basis for understanding the influence of chronic stress and recurring traumas on the mental health and social functioning.

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Book 3: Physical Health and Complex PTSD

How does physical health reinforce the effects of Complex PTSD?  In book 3, I explore the complex relationship between physical health and Complex PTSD symptoms.  During my recovery, I discovered a wealth of information and ground-breaking research that shows how trauma and stress can reinforce a cycle that destroys physical health.  This cycle is directly associated with the autonomic nervous system.  When chronically activated by stress, damage to the nervous system can result in the very same symptoms experienced during a CPTSD episode.  Understanding this helped me formulate a recovery approach that supported physical health improvements along with psychological work.

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Book 4: Childhood Sexual Abuse and Complex PTSD

How does childhood sexual abuse lead to Complex PTSD?  In book 4, I explore the effects of this particular form of abuse and its effects on the psychology of the victim, on attachments and relationships and on sexual health and behaviors.

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Book 5: Marijuana-Supported Therapy for Complex PTSD coming soon! Official PayPal Seal