Marijuana Withdrawal Syndrome

This is a good blog article by Dirk Hanson about the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal syndrome.

Anyone who uses marijuana-supported therapy should educate themselves on the effects of stopping the treatment.  It helps to be prepared because some of the symptoms can bring on physical symptoms similar to CPTSD issues, making it more difficult to stop.

Keeping perspective through withdrawal is difficult.  I know this from personal experience.  I have had all of these issues and they have been powerful enough to keep me using marijuana even when I should have been finished with my therapy.  It is a vicious circle because I often go looking for traumas or psychological problems to address, just so I can maintain the calm I feel with marijuana.

But, it’s a false security at the end of the day.  My true goal with my therapy has been to recover and get back to living a full life.  It is just not possible to do that when I continue to medicate.  Marijuana support has been important while I dealt with the progression of CPTSD, but once I plateaued and felt stable, I needed to move past medicating to living naturally.  I think I forgot about that part for quite a while.

Marijuana addiction is a real condition, even though recovery may not be as difficult physically as alcohol or other drugs.  It takes real resolve to get through it when you have recurring anxiety or chronic pain.  It takes strength and determination to stop using when marijuana makes so many of the CPTSD complications easier to deal with.  But, the point is eventually a person needs to get back to a natural baseline… if that is possible.

I believe it is possible.  I believe I can live an unmedicated, full life again.  I believe I can heal my CPTSD to a point of real, lasting remission and that I will not need to use marijuana to cope.

So, here I go.  I am stopping the medication with the intention of full abstinence.  It may not be easy, but certainly it will not be as hard as the work I’ve done on the rest of my recovery.

I will share  the experience here and in the Stoning Demons series.  In the meantime, this article is a good read.



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