Post-traumatic growth resources

As a follow up to my last post, I wanted to provide some links to research and resources for post-traumatic growth.

From the psychology department at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte campus, this is an overview of post-traumatic growth.  On the left menu, you will find the Resources link which gives access to full text articles.



One thought on “Post-traumatic growth resources

  1. Thanks for sharing this information, Kimberly. I have taken the survey behind the second link. It’s funny (not really…): Of all the options listed, I’d have to check five or six of them simultaneously for where I’m at right now. While the questions and possible answers certainly touch on ideas and thoughts I’ve temporarily become aware of, new waves of anxiety rolling in typically eradicate perceived progress made. It’s a very frustrating, exhausting and – at this point – seemingly futile battle. (see my PN for some specification on why that is).

    So far, all I can say is that it was incredibly naive on my part to think that the system in place would take care of me the way I need being taken care of. It does in some way, and in other ways sabotages whatever progress I make. Hope and a very few select individuals, both online and IRL, are really the only lifeline I have at this point. Whatever nightmare used to agonize me – except for the actual experience of homelessness and physical death – all of them have come true. The first source says about post-traumatic growth: “if I lived through that, I can face anything”. Well… there were times I was a lot more confident I could make it through it all. I am not so sure any more and this being less from collapsing resilience – which is another experience I’m saddened to report -, but from real and factual obstacles that the system in my country imposes on me, both in the medical domain as well as in terms of becoming productive again. By all accounts and barring better findings, I’d have to file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights (b.t.w.: I’m not the only one in my country preparing to do so as there seems to be no other way out of this…)

    On a more positive note: I agree on some of the aspects discussed in the first source you mention, provided one never falls prey to the system in place here. I don’t know the specifics of what the situation with the system is like in the U.S., but from having been connected with Brian O’Neal (composer/musician/humanitarian) and his “DO Foundation” (, a 501c-certified humanitarian organization fighting homelessness, I gather it’s not too different from what it is like here. There really seem to be loopholes in the system that make it very, very difficult to ever come back once you’ve fallen outside the conventional ways too far.

    I realize, all of this is probably digressing a bit from the main thread of this blog, for which I ask your forgiveness. I guess, one could sum up my desperate ramblings by saying: You need to have a support system of dependable, financially stable and non-affected (! very important!) friends and family in place for any of this to work out.

    I appreciate you sharing your findings and personally, I’m still holding on to whatever positivity I can muster from one moment to the next. Right now it feels like a primordial situation that takes me right back into the midst of all previous trauma ever experienced. ““if I lived through that, I can face anything”? Yeah, certainly. I am just not too sure, what might be left to heal then at that point and whether I’ll ever manage to blend my reality with the bulk of any given one else’s. Hm…. Ideas?

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