My hope and change

This really isn’t a brag, just an observation that has me wondering how far I can really take this mission I’m on.  Complex PTSD is a subject that is largely covered by psychology and psychiatry professionals.  I’m not one of those, but I am an informed patient.  I’ve been working to put that information into this blog, some third party articles and the book I’ve been working on, with the challenge of trying to make it more accessible to people who deal with C-PTSD in their lives.  The benefit that I get from this work is the direction and focus it gives me in bringing my therapy to a close.

So, here’s the interesting observation… every search I do on Complex PTSD brings up the Stoning Demons blog, the C-PTSD book or other projects I’ve put out there on the first or second page… or back links where others are referencing this work (which is really more of a collection than a story right now).  The slow, but steady hits on the sites show me that there are people out there looking for this information.  The comments I get show me that people are at least helped by the collection.  Another sobering point that I can make from all of this is that there are a lot of people who are seeking help, resources, strategies and hope.  We are not a small population.  This is not some rare, isolated condition that affects a few people.  There are many who deal with the symptoms without really understanding what they are… even if they are painfully aware of their personal histories that cause them.

I think there is a real opportunity for me to move out of my personal process into something that can help educate, heal and inform.  I’m more interested in this work being directed at adults, even though my greatest wish will be to see the causes of C-PTSD eliminated, the most obvious (for me) being underlying familial dysfunction and parental mental illness. I know there is a path to recovery, healing, self-acceptance and the kind of self-determination that puts pain in its place… the past.  There is hope.

I guess my point is that if this bit of work is gaining this kind of interest, without a great deal of outward promotion, it means that I have found something exceptional out of this recovery process… a viable, meaningful new career… a life’s purpose that can mean something to others.  Bonus!