Paper: The Health Impacts on Adult Women of Childhood Sexual Violence Before the Age of Twelve Years

This is an excellent paper that outlines a study conducted in Australia, published in 1998, exploring the health impacts of CSA on adult women.  The study focused on those who experienced abuse before the age of twelve. The majority were assaulted before six years of age.

My earliest memory of abuse is at 3 years of age.  The abuse continued until I was 16.  I am not surprised to see my laundry list of conditions in this paper, some I would not have associated with the abuse until recently.  I understand now that the abuse set in motion biological processes, triggered hormonal functions that harm and interfere with development at critical stages.  The trauma of the abuse exacerbates the problem, creating emotional and physical stress.  Chronic abuse undoubtedly increases the risk of complex, compounded health impacts.

There’s so much more to it, the study and its findings are clarifying.

Read the paper:


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