Adult Manifestations of Childhood Sexual Abuse

An excellent article from the Los Angeles Public Health Department.  I especially like the summary of effects on the brain of the child that carry over into adulthood and how they can affect personality.


Read the article:


4 thoughts on “Adult Manifestations of Childhood Sexual Abuse

  1. Hi, Kimberly–
    There is a huge need for what you are doing! I’ve had a lot of hits on my site, too, lately, and I can tell that what we have to say about C-PTSD is helpful to a lot of people. I spend a lot of time writing about the healing process and posting, and I do this gladly because it helps the cause. Take care . . . Jean

    1. That is just so good to hear, Jean. I think I do this because it was so challenging to find the right information when the C-PTSD symptoms hit hard a few years ago. I think the real heroes here are the psychiatrists and psychologists who are doing this study, presenting these findings. Their work is essential. What I’m hoping to do, as I work more on this, is to join the dots, and put it in layman’s language. I think the informed patient perspective is so very helpful, hopefully leading others to see that they can take charge of their process, get through it and manage the whole-of-life impacts of this condition. Your work is so very valuable and I really enjoy your site. I think you are much more active in your original writing and I love the perspective that you bring. Keep it up! Apparently there are a lot of people looking for what we and others are doing.

      1. Yes, I intend to keep going on this. I’m getting close to the EMDR segment, so I’ll be able to comment on that as I go through it. I was somewhat shocked the other day, though, to get a message from a reader who said that the way to cure PTSD is to deny all financial help to people who claim to have PTSD. The reader’s thesis is that if no money is available, especially to people who develop PTSD in the military, then people simply wouldn’t have PTSD. Wow! What a thought! I replied, but I doubt that the reader/writer even read my reply. Jean

      2. I am interested in EMDR and would love to know how your process goes. I am not considering it for myself yet, mostly because I feel that I have finally reached the core of my identity dissonance (my term, not a professional one) and I want to explore that before I take any other treatments. I don’t think EMDR would interfere with that, it’s just a question for me… can I resolve my C-PTSD through psychological therapies, natural medicine, healthy lifestyle (not there fully yet) and “living deliberately”?

        As for those comments, I’ve had some occasional responses from those who are still early in their process. It sounds like your reader is pushing some other prejudice. The more we all work on this, the more people we can reach and help to understand this condition better. I’ve had some comments on my support for medical marijuana that were a bit … shall we say… confronting, but I just let it all roll off.

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