Timeless Me

I had a dream of myself without time.  It was a vision of the self I am now, the self of the child that I was, and the self I will be in my last days.  You see, I carry all of these parts of me with that we call mind and spirit.  I look outward on the world with the same eyes and inward with the same heart.

I held the hand of the child and the weathered hand at life’s end held mine.  We walked together and shared our deepest thoughts and fears.  The child looked to me for hope and the old woman looked to me for pride.  I looked to one for joy… and the other for peace.  I felt that timeless Now that is the flash of life between the first to the last of breaths.  I saw myself in that pause between heartbeats and rest between thoughts.   All I have ever sought was found in this dreaming.  It brought such a profound understanding of the responsibility I have for the whole of my self.  With it came a quietness of forgiveness and acceptance… and the resolve to transform my regrets into learning, to nourish my hope into joy, and cherish each victory of spirit that leads me through this life.

In the timelessness of this vision I was released, unburdened from the pain of the past and fear of the future.

I see my path of healing laid out before me.  I know I have all I need to heal within me… and I can see the precious result of my journey on the distant horizon.




3 thoughts on “Timeless Me

  1. Beautiful, Kimberly! Sometimes it’s so difficult to remember this, the fact that we contain our many selves inside ourselves. And sometimes it seems that somebody outside ourselves should be able to take away the pain of life, but ultimately each of us must establish relationships within ourselves in order to achieve peace. This, at least, is my experience. Thank you, Kimberly, for your message. Jean

  2. It’s an important learning and one I am grateful for. Giving the power and permission for healing comes from within. Realizing how precious you are — the whole of you — must be an important part of the process. I think I was waiting for rescue for a very, very long time when I had this realization.

  3. You are simply amazing! Right now, I don’t have better words than that. Oh wait – I do: THANK YOU – for sharing this! Your insights are incredible. I’m so glad I found your blog, your writing and within both of them your spirit or just – YOU!

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