“Long Courageous Battle” Fought With Cancer, Heart Disease, Etc.–But Mental Illness?

This is an important article. Too many who suffer with mental illness find their issues complicated by isolation and unnecessary shame in their condition.

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Another community fund raiser for a poor soul stricken with a horrific illness. Spaghetti suppers are planned, raffles, prizes, trips to Disneyworld. No doubt it’s for a worthy cause, but where are the helping hands for persons with mental illnesses or their families trying desperately to hold on? Where’s the offer of a ride to the doctor or a neighbor bringing dinner so you can get a break? At best you’ll get an “I’m sorry” and at worst avoidance with someone crossing the street to dodge that strange looking person who happens to be your loved one. Where I live there is even a suit before the State Supreme Court to keep a clubhouse for persons with MI out of a particular neighborhood.

Then there are the obituaries reading Mr. or Ms. X died after a “long courageous battle” with cancer or whatever. Well, what if Mr. X committed suicide due…

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