Sharing PTSD Stories

Please take a moment to answer this simple survey.  I am curious about whether fellow PTSD patients find the stories of other patients helpful.  This is in support of the book project I am currently working on.

All results are confidential.  This is not a scientific poll.


3 thoughts on “Sharing PTSD Stories

  1. Viewing others stories on the daily strength PTSD discussion board was classic dissociation and sharing of trauma thoughts.

    I believe we heal by not handling our trauma, staying present in this moment where trauma fades and dies quickly.

    I have gone beyond healed and practice going beneath my ego to the other side everyday. I have developed a breathing track model so we can integrate and empty the amygdala of our childhood trauma.

    Your mind is harnessed by doubt, worry and low self image from childhood. That is ok and can be integrated with some daily work and awareness of each thought that arrives in our consciousness.

    Sounds like you have healed some already so you know mental action changes us.

    We can reprogramm our ego which we created once with a flawed self image from our first caregivers. It is fine our ability to develop coping mechanism have given us skills others do not possess but we need to heal first to see them.

    We are perfect and no kne can touch that part of us. We need not judge anything, just Onserve and let it exist in its own. We need to do nothing or accomplish anything, there is nothing to overcome, just let go of the fear.

  2. I’ve found reading other people’s stories useful because they’ve helped me to identify things that I hadn’t realised were part of my illness, because I’ve picked up tips about what has worked for other people, and because it’s just reassuring to see that I’m not the only one.
    On the other hand, reading too much, or reading when I’m in the wrong frame of mind does at times seem to take me deeper into my depression.

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