Medical Marijuana Use and Mental Disorder

This article needs more scientific references, but is still a good read.


For ages, it has been proven that the medical marijuana use has been tied in to reduce and treat grave health problems, even with its hard popularity in community. And in latest investigation to be printed in the Journal of Psychiatry Research, medical marijuana use has been involved with reduce fatality rate chance in folks struggling from schizophrenia and other psychotic difficulties.

This examine has already been thoroughly analyzed by an international reach and international group from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and Inje University in South Korea. What they did was observed the result of the long-term history substance use on the death rate in more than 700 subject matter diagnosed with schizophrenia or other related mental disorder.

They confidently concluded that a decrease fatality risk-adjusted variable in cannabis-user as compared to marijuana non-user apart from the truth that the discipline have related signs and anti-psychotic treatment…

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