6 ways to recover from Complex Trauma or Complex PTSD

A hopeful article.

My experience in addressing my own Complex PTSD has been that these six (seven, actually) aspects of recovery are relevant to the whole of the process. I have had to go back through each of these over and over, correcting and reframing as I uncover new complications, new memories or previously unaddressed triggers.


By David Joel Miller.

You can recover from Complex Trauma or Complex PTSD.

Complex Trauma or Complex PTSD is the result of repeated injuries, each of which creates additional trauma. Complex Trauma frequently arises in children who are abused or neglected over long periods of time or survivors of sexual assaults who are re-assaulted.

Being injured once is bad enough but repeated traumatization can result in problems far in excess of those caused by a single trauma. People who were traumatized in childhood and then retraumatize in later life are likely to develop severe and debilitating symptoms. Some researchers have suggested the name of Complex Trauma or Complex PTSD for this condition.

It appears that many people can experience severe trauma, recover and not develop PTSD. Some of the symptoms of PTSD are normal reactions to experiencing a trauma – in the short run. If the reaction is excessive, interferes…

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