Medical Marijuana for Complex PTSD

There is a great deal of controversy over the use of marijuana for treatment of any illness, much less the treatment of one that is largely seen as a mental illness.  Many self-medicate — as I did — without a clear direction on recovery.

Following my doctor’s advice, I complemented my reframing therapy with marijuana to help me through the process.

In this book, I want share my experience with the use of marijuana to treat emotional, mental and physical symptoms of PTSD… the good and the bad.  I also want to share my experience with reframing — using self-therapy to explore the emotions, mental behaviors and memories that caused me the most pain and reframe their importance in my life.

I have gained so much in this process.  My life has perspective.  My experiences have meaning.  I am closer to my family than I have ever been.  I am finally experiencing those precious moments of peace and happiness I had hoped for.

I find myself in the maintenance phase of my recovery.  A life examined has given way to the comfort of acceptance and the healing power of forgiveness is the precious result of this process.   By sharing my story, I hope others will find their own path to recovery.