• Stoning Demons is an informed patient's perspective on complex post-traumatic stress disorder, developmental trauma and marijuana-supported therapy from the perspective of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Print versions of Stoning Demons now only $3.99

Good news! I have found a way to reduce the cost of the print versions of the books from $5.99 to $3.99, just $1.00 more than the ebook versions.  I hope that this will make the materials more available to those interested in having a real book in their hands.  It means that the books … Continue reading

Article: Changes in DNA Methylation Linked to Traumatic Memories and PTSD

This is an excellent article by James Fink from his blog, Fink Scientifically on the effects of trauma on DNA.


Last days of Smashwords half-price July sale…

There are only a few days left to get your copy of the first three Stoning Demons ebooks for half-price, now available for only $1.50 each until the end of the month.  Click here to get your copy. While you’re on the Smashwords site, have a look at the other books offered by amazing independent … Continue reading

Stoning Demons Books 1 and 2 now available in print!

Anyone who has been waiting for a print copy of the Stoning Demons books will be able to purchase them from CreateSpace (Amazon) in print-on-demand format.  I will be working on a higher quality format later, but the early editions in paperback are available if you are looking for a copy.  The printed copies are more … Continue reading

Review of Book 1: Childhood Trauma is a Primer for Complex PTSD

Review by: anonymous on June 22, 2014 : 5 stars This book offers an overview of the impact of childhood trauma and the long term fall out of that. It’s got a strong grounding in the authors own trauma, which makes it super relatable to, ie, it’s not written by a theory “expert” but is … Continue reading


Kiddo, the inner child knows sadness  


Kiddo – the inner child

I’m playing around with a comic strip where the main character is the inner child giving her perspective on Complex PTSD.  It’s a little simple at the moment, but maybe it’s something I’ll keep doing.   It feels a bit creative and fun anyway, so that’s a plus.  I’ll probably throw some of the strips … Continue reading


Book 2: Symptoms and Progression of Complex PTSD Available Now on Smashwords

Book 2 of the Stoning Demons Series, Symptoms and Progress of Complex PTSD is available now on Smashwords.  You can download your copy today in epub.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle or reader, you can download Adobe Digital Editions free. Complex PTSD takes a progressive pathology, with symptoms worsening over successive … Continue reading


Thought for the day….

It is impossible to be worried about anything when you are coloring with crayons. A few months ago, my son gave me a coloring book for grown-ups.  He wasn’t sure if I would like it, but he thought it was neat, so he gave it to me.  I loved it immediately.  Tons of pages in a … Continue reading

Free Webinar: Flashbacks & the Fight/Flight Response

From Michele Rosenthal on Heal My PTSD: “Flashbacks and the fight/flight/freeze response are two of the most difficult PTSD symptoms to cope with — that’s why we’re devoting an entire FREE 60+ minutes to talking about how and why they happen, plus what you can do about them.   On Thursday, June 19th (that’s next week!), Michele will be hosting The … Continue reading


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